The World of M.U.R.

The MAGICAL UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE series is an urban fantasy series by Christopher Lee Cousino.  It contains many interconnected series that together as a whole make up the world of M.U.R.  Currently, the series set in M.U.R. are WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD, PARTNERS, M.U.R.S.E., and DEATH WITHOUT PAROLE.


The MAGICAL UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE is set in a world that seems much like ours on the surface.  But there are monsters lurking in the shadows, and inside many of the humans walking the streets.  Or, at least, what appear to be humans.  There is an age old war between two supernatural forces.  One, pure evil, called simply The Evilness.  The Evilness wish to escape the shadows, be free of their societal shackles, and to rule over humans and the world as top predator.  The other, the Magical Underground Resistance.  M.U.R. has always seen the beauty of the human race and wishes not only to protect it, but live amongst it in harmony.  What kinds of creatures make up both sides, you ask?


The Evilness is made up of vampires, skinwalkers, dragonfolk, trolls, ogres, windangos, and other cannibalistic predator type monsters.  The Magical Underground Resistance is made up of Magical Underground Resistance Sorcerers/Enforcers (M.U.R.S.E.s), human hunters, sasquatches, dwarves, elves, and other monsters who wish to be left alone.  Werewolves and zombies are the wildcards.


Werewolves tend to keep to themselves and stay out of the war.  However, they have their own separate war against vampires, one that is bloody and bitter.  That rivalry appears to make them land on the side of M.U.R.  But there isn’t much love between M.U.R. and werewolves.  Werewolves don’t like to be a part of anything other than their pack.


Zombies are mindless and will feed on any living flesh they can get their decaying jaws on, human and monster alike.  A zombie outbreak can be bad for both sides.


Even though these lineups generally are the norm, there are also defectors and traitors who switch sides for numerous reasons.


The first wave of series in M.U.R. start with none of the characters aware of each other or of the Magical Underground Resistance.  But very soon, they, along with many more characters in future waves of series introduced, will be pulled into the secret war with The Evilness, with humanity and control of Earth as the prize.


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Welcome to the Neighborhood #1 Cover

There is a new homeowner in Andrew Dean’s neighborhood. Being the friendly guy that he is, Andrew introduces himself and strikes up a friendship with the odd man. It isn’t long before questions arise about the newest member of the community and Andrew, along with everyone he cares for, are put at risk.

MURSE #1 Cover

Colby Jack is a murse, but not like you think. Shy, kindhearted, and very sarcastic, Colby is trying to get his act together so he can continue working his dream job as a Registered Nurse at Henry Ford Hospital. When he is running late for work, again, his morning takes a turn from bad to weird. By the end of the day, Colby will realize there are secrets lurking in the shadows…and within himself.

Partners #1 Cover
DPD Detective Herbert Vale has been a homicide cop for a long time, and he has seen a lot. But what he has seen the most is bad people get away with bad things. But now he has a new secret partner, one that is helping Herbert bring those bad people to justice. In an unspeakable, horrifying, and quite messy way.

Death Without Parole #1 Cover
Patrick Noel is a prisoner at Cook Penitentiary, facing a life sentence for the murder of his wife and son, a crime he didn’t commit. But Patrick is also keeping evil under lock and key in a prison of his own…his body. As Patrick tries to fight the monster within, he will discover that his curse may turn out to be the world’s saving grace.

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