Christopher’s Recommended Reading

Here are some of my favorite stand alone novels and series that I have loved reading and highly recommend!  Keep a lookout for links to reviews I do for the segment “Christopher’s Recommended Book of the Week”.  For now, browse through and check out some of my favorite authors, books, and characters.

The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden is a wizard who is listed in Chicago’s business listings.  Wizard for hire.  How sweet is that?  Harry is hilarious and is so much fun.  Great series by Jim Butcher:)  Get the first book in the series here.

Repairman Jack Series

Jack flies under the radar and is a “fixer”.  He fixes problems for people for payment and these jobs soon start to get him into trouble.  Awesome series by F. Paul Wilson:)  Get the first book in the series here.

Remy Chandler Series

Fantastic series by Thomas Sniegoski.  Not only is Thomas a great writer, but he is a great guy.  One of the first big time writers to respond personally when I followed him on Twitter.  I definitely fan-boyed when Thomas, one of my favorite writers, messaged me and said thanks himself.  He thought it was hilarious because he just sees himself as a regular joe;)  Then we talked about his books, my books, and life.  Awesome guy:)  Now for his awesome series.

Remy Chandler is an angel in hiding.  He enjoys being a human and lives amongst us, no one knowing an all powerful angel is lurking beneath his human “skin”.  As trouble for both Earth and Heaven comes along, can Remy protect both?  Exciting, fast paced, and full of heart and life, this series rocks!  Get the first book of the series here.


This series was my bread and butter as a kid.  Woodland creatures come to life in this series as war and adventure take center stage.  Worried it sounds too childish.  It is not.  Death, bloodshed, and romance are alive and well in Redwall by Brian Jacques.  Get the first book in the series here.

Series by Robert B. Parker

I adore all books and series by Robert B. Parker, one of my favorite authors of all time.  My favorite 3 series, however, are the Jesse Stone series, the Spenser for Hire series, and the Cole and Hitch series.

Jesse Stone

Jesse is a disgraced homicide detective, going through a tough divorce and with a drinking problem.  He leaves the big city lights of L.A. and takes the job of a small town Police Chief in Paradise, Massachusetts.  Confused at why they would want him and all his issues, he jumps at the chance to disappear to the middle of nowhere.  The crooked officials running the town are in for a big surprise when they realize Jesse isn’t quite the patsy they thought he’d be.  Get the first book in the series here.

Spenser for Hire

Spenser is a hard-nosed, old school private eye.  Great detective series, I highly recommend it.  Get the first book here.

Cole and Hitch

Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are two traveling friends who can’t avoid doing the right thing in the Wild West.  That fact, and their skills with guns, get them plenty of work and land them on the other side of plenty of baddies in this awesome western series.  Get the first book here.

Happy Reading!!!