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Series debuting very soon that are set in the same world as HOMELESS


There is a monster hunting on the streets of Detroit.  Thing is, he only hunts other monsters.

Meet Punchline, the homicidal, unstable vigilante clown who is cleaning up Detroit by painting his city red with the blood of any and all criminals.  If you break the law, it’s no laughing matter.


Bryan Cockerel has always been good at solving problems that no one else could solve.  It started when he was young, when he found a way to make bullies leave his friends alone.  Then it continued in high school and college, when he made a fortune off tutoring and taking tests for the less intellectually gifted kids.  Then, as an adult, he made his sister’s abusive husband no longer a threat.  Bryan realized he had a talent, and has since been operating in the shadows, fixing difficult problems for a hefty fee.  Always off the radar and always maintaining his privacy and identity.  Now, with “superheroes” and “vigilantes” making the nightly news, Bryan has an idea.  One that just might make him more wealthy than he ever could have imagined.

Who ever said a superhero had to save the day for free?

Urban Fantasy



Second Wave of series that are connected to


The Magnificent Adventures of Magpie Promotional Artwork

There is something watching you from the shadows.  A monster who is obsessed with you and your every move.  A legendary creature who wishes they could be you…or at least be a human like you.  But don’t worry.  This creature won’t hurt you.  In fact, it is the only thing keeping you safe from all the actual evil things out there that go bump in the night.

Meet Magpie, a rare black-furred and green-eyed Sasquatch with a human complex, not to mention the only remaining member of his species that still thinks humans and their world are worth protecting.  Sasquatches have long been hunters of all the evil supernatural creatures that would do harm to humans.  They have been our secret protectors.  But as the threat to humans has grown, so has the threat to Sasquatches.  To protect their own race, they have retreated deeper into the forests, leaving humans to fend for themselves.  But not Magpie.  He’s still got your back.  Join him as he tries to protect the human race…and tries to find a way to become a part of it.

Ex Vampire Hunter Promotional Artwork

Clayton Gritt thought he was out.  He’d told his handler to take a hike and had left the hunting business far behind.  He met a girl, fell madly in love, got married, had kids, and is living the American dream.  His new job is blissfully boring, and his past is right where he wants it to be.  In the rearview mirror.  But, as they say, the past never stays buried.  And in Clayton Gritt’s case, that is true in the most horrifyingly literal way.

WerePire M.D. Promotional Artwork

Dr. Sam D. Wolf runs a clinic in a bad part of town, trying to offer quality medical care to those less fortunate.  It is where he grew up, and although he could take any of the job offers from the big hospitals and partnerships in the city, he prefers where he is at.  He wants to give back to the community…to his community.  From all appearances, Dr. Wolf is a great man.  But he has a dark secret.  He isn’t a man at all.  Now, Dr. Sam D. Wolf is going to clean up his community one low-life at a time, and enjoy a tasty meal in the process.

Meet Dr. Sam Dracula Wolf, the spawn of a Werewolf father and a Vampire mother, and the best doctor around.  That is, if you aren’t doing anything that Dr. Wolf would consider…evil.


Loosely connected to M.U.R. series (In the past)

The Ghoulslinger Promotional Artwork

Retired Union Army Captain William Thomas Cloves can’t sleep.  Nightmares keep him up all night and when he is awake it isn’t much better.  Vivid memories play over and over in his brain, torturing the once proud soldier.  The only thing that gives him peace is his medication, and a hell of a lot of whiskey.  All the death and destruction Captain Cloves saw during the war has left him with deep emotional scars.  But it isn’t the memories of humans killing one another that is haunting him…it’s the memories of what was killing the humans.

Captain Cloves is about to get an interesting offer from the government he once fought to preserve.  But to take the job, he will have to revisit and face his worst fears not only inside his head…but in reality as well.