Finally, HOMELESS continues…

The long awaited sequel to my 2011 superhero novel HOMELESS is finally set to begin.  In a previous announcement, I let you all know that I would be splitting the original novel into seven short stories and also as a collection or story arc.  Those are all available now for anyone who hasn’t read HOMELESS.  The first arc/collection is entitled HOMELESS VOLUME ONE: ORIGINS.  Get your copy, or any of the individual stories it contains, right here.  Remember, HOMELESS VOLUME ONE: ORIGINS also includes two additional Homeless stand alone short stories set during the first story arc that are only avaiilable in the ORIGINS collection (and a note from me about the series:)).  Get yours here!  Now that that is out of the way, onto today’s announcement!

The last story in the first arc was HOMELESS #7.  Now, this Friday, 9/30/2016, I proudly bring to you the next story, HOMELESS #8!  It will be available bright and early Friday morning on my website, as well as on the usual platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, etc.).  As the second story arc begins, get set to find out what happens next following the shocking revelations at the end of HOMELESS #7.  Look below for a sneak peek at the cover and synopsis of HOMELESS #8!

The story of Homeless finally continues…

Randy survived the bloodbath at the safehouse where Mark was being kept, leaving a trail of corpses behind him.  But the one corpse he thought for sure he’d leave behind is not only still alive, but under his protection.  Mark revealed something to Randy that, if true, will change everything.  Now, Randy has to get Mark somewhere safe so they can both heal up, regroup, and find out if Mark is telling the truth, or just trying to save his hide.  But with the entire New Age Brotherhood and the crooked Detroit Police Department hunting the injured pair, will they survive long enough to reach their destination?

HOMELESS #8 will be available this Friday, September 30th!!!

Happy Reading:)