News on Homeless Series


Hello readers, hope all is well!  Just a quick update on a change in plans for HOMELESS.  I have decided to divide HOMELESS into several short stories and begin to release future installments as short stories.  Then, when a story arc completes, the short stories will be compiled into a collection volume.  Think comic books, how individual issues are released and then all the issues that make up a story arc are combined together in a graphic novel.  This will allow me to get more HOMELESS fiction out to everyone and also introduce you all to the other superhero characters and villains I have been itching to write about!

HOMELESS will be broke up into 7 short stories.  The 7 stories will be formatted and released individually soon, with #1 being FREE.  All 7 will be compiled together as Homeless: Origins (Homeless Volume 1).  Volume 1 will also include two bonus HOMELESS short stories set during # 4-6.  Once all of that is completed and available, look for new the story of Homeless to continue with #8!

Keep an eye out for all these changes, as well as more superhero series soon!  Happy Reading:)

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