Free Short Story of the Week on the Way…

My Free Short Story of the Week, M.U.R.S.E #2 will be available late tonight.  I have the story all finished, but as usual need to have it proofed and edited.  I am working my day job all day then my wife and I have to attend a wedding tonight with the reception after, and I know that it will run late into the night.  So, if you go to bed early tonight, look for M.U.R.S.E #2 Saturday morning.  I will have it up late tonight, however, so if you are burning the midnight oil into the wee hours, you may just catch it:)  I have apologized to BSIC  and I would like to apologize to all of you for not being able to, as of yet, meet the Friday deadline BSIC and I set for my Free Short Story of the Week.  I will get it down eventually, once my life slows down…if my life slows down:/  Anyways, look for M.U.R.S.E #2 by Saturday morning!  Have a wonderful Friday:)

About christopherleecousino

Christopher Lee Cousino is the author of two novels, HOMELESS and ZOMBIE HERO: THE BEGINNING (PART ONE), as well as numerous short stories. In addition to his writing, Christopher is a Licensed Practical Nurse at a group home that services the mentally and physically handicapped population of the Grand Rapids, MI area. He has always loved to write and has finally begun to focus on making his many ideas and characters available to the world. He is hard at work on many novels and stories, so stay tuned. Christopher lives in Hudsonville, Michigan with his beautiful wife, three wonderful children, 2 free-loading cats, and his noble, loyal chocolate lab.
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